Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic tile flooring offer lots of advantages. In addition to being versatile and great to look at they are waterproof, simple to look after and last for a very long time.

Now It Is Your Turn To Enjoy The Benefits Of A Ceramic Tile Flooring

Given the absolute huge amount of styles and the many colours ceramic floor tiles can easily be used both inside and outside of ones home to cover the ground in a multitude of rooms including bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, dining areas, living rooms, studies, bedrooms and every ones favourite in summer conservatories.

In fact did you know that ceramic tile floors are very, very popular in much warmer countries because they are refreshingly cool to the touch and therefore provide grateful relief from the scorching heat of the blazing sun.

Have you ever considered having a ceramic tile flooring fitted in your garden patio area? Fitted here these ceramic tiles can provide an ideal eye catching finish as they can be kept clean with the sweep of a brush and a good dose of the garden hose (be careful not to leave the surface slippy though as this is dangerous). Given the wear and tear your tiles will probably get in this environment they also provide you with much greater value for money than their much more expensive counterpart porcelain tiles.

Choosing tiles can be great fun, even a family event as there are simply a huge amount of fantastic colours, dynamic textures and classic sizes to look at and to select from.

If you want to ensure you get a perfect match with your existing colour scheme remember to ask your discount ceramic tile supplier for a number of sample books or swatch cards which you can take home and look at (make sure you get a price list as well).

It is really amazing how different a tile can look in the light of the intended area and having sample swatches will help you to really visualise and get an accurate picture of what the room will look like when finished.

When it comes to thinking about and choosing your tile sizes a good tip is to remember that really big tiles tend to look better in bigger rooms. It also makes sense to note that because they are bigger you will also be able fit them a lot quicker.

It is also true to say those much smaller tiles especially light or white coloured ceramic tiles can make a smaller room feel more spacious and create an airy feel.

Ceramic floor tiles also look great when used as part of a fireplace surround. In addition to this they can withstand the heat and will last for years. We did ours with two different colours that matched hundreds of tiny mosaic tiles that we affixed around the edge of our original cast iron fireplace. The overall finish look was rustic with a contemporary edge and turned the fireplace into a central feature in our family room at home.

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